What's UNQUO?

An all-new financial service for solo business owners. Backed by SEB and born out of SEBx – an innovation studio to drive progress, push boundaries, and instigate change – UNQUO is here to help solopreneurs control their finances like never before.

Who's it for?

People who work for themselves and invoice as sole traders. Freelancers, solopreneurs, contractors, giggers, self-employed, free agents. People who deserve real solutions that liberate more time to make – not manage – a living. Running a limited company (AB)? A version for you is on its way.

What problem does UNQUO solve?

By simplifying the financial stuff and sorting between business and private expenses, it helps solo business owners make smarter, quicker decisions. Freeing up time to focus on their craft and dig into the fun stuff. Helping to balance the books and empower an easier work-life balance.

Just another bank card?

No way. UNQUO is card+app. A one-stop shop with super-helpful features. Like snapping a photo of a receipt right away and swiping it in place (left=business, right=private). Like to-do lists and Skatteverket-friendly reports. Simple, by-the-books, anxiety-free bookkeeping.

Where's it available?

At first, only in Sweden. But this is just the UNQUO start. We’re pushing the bar on all sorts of features to keep expenses sorted.

When's it ready for download?

Soon! We’re busy getting the final nuts and bolts in place. Stay in the loop by clicking on that blue sign-up button in the top right corner.

Is it safe?

Backed by SEB’s security standards and practices, UNQUO is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Who's behind it all?

45+ designers, programmers, developers, and financial experts. Coming from far and wide and working together in Stockholm.

Do I need to switch banks?

Nope. All you need is the app, card and a bank account – any bank account.

What makes solo business owners so special?

All banks have been underserving solopreneurs. Forcing them to conform to formulas that don’t really meet their needs. We’re here to flip that on its head, to serve in ways that make real sense. To free up solo business owners from time-consuming, mind-numbing tasks like sorting through receipts at the end of the month/quarter/year. Unlocking more time for them to get down to the business of being who they really are.

Does the word UNQUO mean anything?

Stick “un” in front of a word and you create its opposite. UN-QUO. The opposite of the (status) quo. UNQUO is all about unlocking the status quo. Something solopreneurs have already done by setting out on their own in the working world.

And last but not least, HOW DOES IT WORK?

  1. Download app
  2. Apply for card
  3. Pay for things with the card
  4. Take a photo of work-related receipts
  5. Categorize expenses with easy-to-follow instructions
  6. Receive monthly invoices, 1 for business, 1 for private expenses
  7. Pay invoices within generous grace period
  8. Receive monthly report with detailed work expenses
  9. Send report to accountant or use it to simplify bookkeeping
  10. Be yourself for a living

UNQUO in a nutshell

One solution for all expenses – both business and private.

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UNQUO is a product developed by Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ),
502032-9081, 106 40 Stockholm
UNQUO is a product developed by
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ),
502032-9081, 106 40 Stockholm